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  • Leontiev M.K., Kikot N.V., Degtiarev S.A., Snetkova E.I., Analysis of dynamic characteristics of rolling bearings in rotor supports
    Rolling bearins The article considers the methodology of analysis of deformed and force state of angular contact bearings as a part of rotor systems. Developed on its basis model and algorithms are included into the program system DYNAMICS R4. The bearing model has 5 degrees of freedom, takes into account its geometry, the number of rolling elements, their inertia and clearance. Algorithms of the program system allow obtaining the position of outer and inner bearing races for every regime with given rotating speed, radial and axial forces, temperature and taking into consideration the rotor weight. Using the program, it is also possible to determine contact angles for every rolling element, all loads acting along 5 degrees of freedom. This information is initial for the following obtainment of the acting stress in the contact areas of rolling elements and races. The received data allow more accurate obtainment of the bearing life as a part of the specific rotor system. The developed means and analysis methodology are used to analyze the deformed and force state of the angular contact bearing of the high pressure compressor being the part of the test rig for investigation of the rotor support unit.

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