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3.4.2 Choice of the damper main dimensions

  1. The outer diameters of the ring (Fig. 6) are taken according to a standard (see Appendix 3). The diameters are taken by the bearing outer diameter considering that the smooth ring surface is fitted on the bearing outer ring. There are possible designs where the ring is located apart from the bearing. If so the diameters are determined by the design considerations.
  2. The flexible ring width b is taken by design considerations. Usually it is a little smaller than the bearing width.
  3. The center pedestals number n is taken according to the Table A3.1 above under as limited by permittable stresses at given flexibility and displacement.
  4. Taken ring dimensions are used for final calculation of the ring flexibility and stresses.
  5. The ring is installed into a support casing on a smooth ring with a transition fit. The tolerances are 5-th qualitate for basic shaft and 6-th for basic hole. The maximal displacement is checked at ultimate operating temperature conditions. If a ring is installed with an interference fit its flexibility is to be investigated by a test.
  6. Flexible rings sometimes have special elements to avoid the ring turning.

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