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Dynamics R4 helps in...


This software is a mathematical test facility that allows parametric studies and optimization of rotating machinery dynamics. Wide variety of the structure simulating elements and the friendly interface facilitate buildup of accurate system models.


The code may be applied to simulation of vibration problems arising in experimental tests and during rotating machinery operation. The simulation results may explain details of the damaging process.

Model based diagnostics...

The unsteady and non-linear approaches allow simulation of various systems dynamic response. So there arises a possibility to create calculation based diagnostic algorithms without numerous expensive specific tests.

Research activities and educationů

Researchers and scientists may create their own elements to simulate non-linear effects. The new elements may be integrated in the Dynamics R4.
The code may be used for teaching students the rotor dynamics and for solving educational examples, laboratory practice support, etc. Students also may use the S/W for self-instruction purposes.

December-2022 Software - Dynamics R4.14.4 was released
December-2021 Software - Dynamics R4.14.0 was released
November-2020 Software - Dynamics R4.13.4 was released
June-2020 Software - Dynamics R4.13.0 was released
August-2019 Software - Dynamics R4.12.5 was released
December-2018 Software - Dynamics R4.12.0 was released
December-2017 Software - Dynamics R4.11.0 was released
August-2017 Software - Dynamics R4.10.6 was released
December-2016 Software - Dynamics R4.10.5 was released
December-2015 Software - Dynamics R4.10.0 was released
December-2014 Software - Dynamics R4.9.0 was released
August-2014 New Publications were added
December-2013 Software - Dynamics R4.8.8 was released
April-2013 Software - Dynamics R4.8.4 was released
January-2013 Certificates - The License to implement the development, poduction, testing and repair of aircrafts and aviation equipment was obtained
December-2012 Software - Dynamics R4.8 was released
June-2012 New Publications were added
January-2012 Solutions - GT2500-BRUSH generator drive train solution was added
December-2011 Software - Dynamics R4.7 was released
November-2011 Media Library - new page with tutorial movies was added
August-2011 Software - Dynamics R4.6.7 was released
June-2011 Solutions - new solution presentation on AMB was added
May-2011 Solutions - new presentation was added
October-2010 Software - Dynamics R4.6.5 was released
July-2010 Software - Dynamics R4.6 was released
Solutions - new solutions presentations were added


September-2009 Software - Dynamics R4.5 was released
March-2009 Software - Dynamics R4.4 was released


July-2008 Software - Dynamics R4.3 was released


August-2007 Software - Dynamics R4.2 was released
17-April-2007 Software -Broshure with decription of Dynamics R4 was added


16-Nov-2006 Contacts -contact information was changed
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15-Jul-2006 Dynamics 4.1 was released