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Dynamics R4

See also Damper R3.1 here
Broshure Dynamics R4[pdf]ENG


  1. Upgrade of DYNAMICS R3.1 to the DYNAMICS R4 program system, including:
    • basis and natural frequencies
    • damped and undamped natural frequencies and mode shapes
    • distribution of potential and kinetic energy
    • natural frequencies map
    • critical speeds
    • unbalance response
    • structural and internal damping
    *Note: Only a time unlimited license

  2. The core of Dynamics R4 (linear dynamics), including:
    • basis (natural frequencies of undamped and non-rotating rotor system)
    • distribution of potential and kinetic energy

  3. Optional elements for linear analysis
    1. Natural frequencies and mode shapes of rotor system with structural and internal damping and rotation
    2. Critical speeds
    3. Natural frequencies map (Campbell diagram)
    4. Stability map
    5. Unbalance response
    6. Parametric analysis

  4. Block of code and elements for computation of transient and non-linear problems, including the following excitations:
    • blade loss
    • impulse force
    • harmonic exciting
    • arbitrary load

  5. Optional elements for nonlinear analysis
    1. Elastic Damping Lateral Restraint element (clearance)
    2. Squeeze-film damper element
    3. Journal bearing element
    4. Rolling bearing element
    5. Active Magnetic Bearing

  6. Waveform post-processing:
    • motion orbit
    • FFT
    • waterfall diagram
    • RMS
    • pick-to-pick

  7. User-programmable non-linear element
  8. Block of code and elements for computation of shaft systems with gearings
  9. Function of import of super elements from FEM systems


  • Sophisticated rotor models development and identification
  • Gas-turbine engine frequency-response analysis (linear and nonlinear problems):
    1. Resonant modes
    2. Natural frequencies and mode shapes
    3. Critical speeds
    4. Unbalance response
    5. Transient response
    6. Design of rotor supports
    7. Stability thresholds and etc.

    *Note: New engine design projects, operation dynamic problems

  • Detailed modeling of the rotor system for interpreting the collected data:
    1. Rotor unbalance
    2. Blade loss
    3. Mechanical looseness
    4. Radial and angular misalignments of rotors
    5. Full and partial rubbing of rotor with stator
    6. Rolling element bearing faults
    7. Journal bearing faults
    8. Squeeze-film bearing faults
    9. Gear related problems and etc.
    10. Seismic design of structures and components

    *Note: Developing a model-based diagnostic system

  • Development of new algorithms and non-linear elements on demand of customer


  • One day Dynamics R4 training - free of charge
  • Program of thirty-hour training:
    • Stationary rotor dynamics problems (6 hours)
    • Transient rotor dynamics problems (6 hours)
    • User training for Dynamics R4 program system (6 hours)
    • Modeling in Dynamics R4 program system (12 hours)


  1. A customer can buy any set of modules of Dynamics R4 program system (a package) designed for necessary type of analysis. The warranty period is one year where the customer receives full services related to the hotline, bug corrections support, etc. When the warranty period is over the customer is offered to pay 20 % of the license price per year for maintenance. With the maintenance, the customer gets new versions when they are available plus the same services the customer received during the warranty period.
  2. One year of renting costs 35 % of the time unlimited license price. The maintenance and new versions are included in the price.
  3. The customer can also buy standard package for solution of linear and non-linear dynamics problems. A discount is offered for payment of purchase
  4. Quantity discount is offered to the customer for buying two or more license copies.


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