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Dynamics R4, , Purchasing options.

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Broshure Dynamics R4[pdf]ENG


    1. A customer can buy any set of modules of Dynamics R4 program system (a package) designed for necessary type of analysis. The warranty period is one year where the customer receives full services related to the hotline, bug corrections support, etc. When the warranty period is over the customer is offered to pay 20 % of the license price per year for maintenance. With the maintenance, the customer gets new versions when they are available plus the same services the customer received during the warranty period.
    2. One year of renting costs 35 % of the time unlimited license price. The maintenance and new versions are included in the price.
    3. Quantity discount is offered to the customer for buying two or more license copies.
    4. The license can be local or floating. By default, the price is determined for a local license. A floating license comes as an optional extra.
    5. The cost of the DYNAMICS R4 software is determined in the Quotation for the Licensee. The price is provided upon request in the form of a Quote. Send request to e-mail support@alfatran.com


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